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Quiet Proud of Myself 
30th-Jul-2010 01:51 am
Jin 3
 Yeah.  I did a little spending for my favorite Johnny's groups KAT-TUN and NEWS this trip and I'm pretty satisfied with myself.  Haha.

We all know how I went on the spree of concerts.  Make that 6 concerts in 3 cities.  Include transportation, hotels and ticket expenses plus buying all the con goods (except photos and coffee mug), yeah, pretty much $1000+.  I don't really want to calculate...
Buying Going! and N.M.P Limited Editions + Regular Editions of BOTH!  Bought regular editions to enter myself in a drawing to shake hands with one member (turned out the one I petitioned for was KAMEEEEE), but I didn't get selected for it.  But Johnny-san was nice enough to send us all eco-bags as a thank you gift.  ^^
Bought this $30 wristband that Kame wears to help keep your body in balance.  Haha.  Since I saw him wear it in person, why not, right?  haha  (KimuTaku wears it too!)
Searched high and low, in 5 different Bookoffs in Kyoto and Osaka for the Break the Records DVD.  Finally found it and was ecstatic to bring it back home to realize it was the LIMITED EDITION!

Bought Sakura girl LE.  BUT..didn't open it until too late...the cellphone website had shut down already... By a mere 2 days!!!!
Bought Yamapi's Russ X necklaces and t-shirt (thank you hatsumi_chan for getting those for me!!!)
Bought Yamapi's single One in a Million <3
Just purchased tickets to see Ryo's new movie on opening day!  ^_^  Really looking forward to this one!
Too bad I am not here when they have their concerts.  T_T  I bet they will release a single/album for it too of which I will have to pay shipping for again...

For Johnny's in general:
Have gone to 3/4 of the Johnny's store thus far.  Will probably hit up my last one (Nagoya) when I go visit my uncle. Upwards of $150 I've spent on shop photos of KAT-TUN and NEWS.
Pay a minimal fee of $3.50 a month on my cell phone to visit the Johnny's web to read their journals.  Might I add, I spend $42 a month in order to have this internet access.  ^_^
Karaoked my heart out too many times (might I add, not as cheap as you expect either!)

Sadly, I think the only member I haven't done anything for is Jin, in terms of spending at least...  I still have bought those two CDs he released, nor the Bandage DVD that just came out..
Met some great friends on this trip too!  The power of Johnny's is just too immense.  Haha.
I'm sure there's more that I am forgetting to include right now...

Well, only 2 more weeks left.  Let's make the best of it!!!! *looks at empty wallet*  gotta go exchange more money!
29th-Jul-2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
can't wait till you come back and KTV your heart out with me <3
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