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25th-Jan-2009 10:08 pm - Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Jin 2
WOOT.  Has to be one of my favorite holidays, mostly because I get red envelopes.  Though, this year, all of my immediate family has joined all my other relatives in Taiwan for the holidays, so I will say goodbye to the rat year here at UCLA with my roommates.  :)  (Though they all went home anyway to go and celebrate with their families this past weekend.)  What I'm really looking forward to is for my family to come back as they are there to collect my red envelopes from my relatives.  HEEHEE.  I look forward to some money coming, mostly for school... Yeah.  Since I started working, I've been keeping a close tab on my own money.  All my money used for fangirling is coming out of my own pocket now and MAN is it expensive!!  I never noticed it, but hundreds of dollars flew out of pocket these past few months!  But just especially these couple of months due to NEWS album/KAT-TUN dvd/all the KAT-TUN singles that're coming out!!  :OOO  Oh, and my beautiful boots.  Haha.

ANYWAY, back to Chinese New Year, hooray! It is the year of the OX.  Which means, most Oxs will have a bad year.  My brother is an Ox, so my parents are especially worried about him.  He just graduated this past fall from UCSD and is currently looking for a job.  So far, things aren't exactly looking up for him....but that's not entirely blamed on fortune telling as much as it is based on the "current economic crisis", as they keep refering to it as. (LOL AT JOHNNY AND KAT-TUN 7 DAY CONS...I really want to go.)

So I was reading up on what I (a snake) can be looking forward to this year.  In an overview from this article:
  • "Though you tend to be more of a loner"  HAHAHAHAHAH.  This is so true!!  I tend to not have as many friends as I have close friends.  Ahh, I am such a loner.  But supposedly, "this year will provide occasions that may bring you out of your shell".   Hrm, I wonder how that will unravel.  Yeah..we'll see about that.
  • " Single Snakes may find the romantic relationship they seek, as romance is favored."  OH YEAH?????  Finally, my single life will be over??  Hahahaha.  A part of me wants to get a boyfriend, but then a part of me just thinks that it's too much of a hassle, and right now, school is more important.  He will come when it is time.  But maybe this year, I will change my views on this whole "relationship world" and catch a good fish.  LOL.  That's probably what my mom would refer to him as.
  • "This year proves to be one of action, the year that all of your planning and waiting pay off for you."  One of action, that's for sure.  I'm planning many things this year so that I can study abroad next spring.  I really hope all the planning that I'm doing ahead of time will actually result in one of my dreams coming true.
  • " The later months prove to be especially successful, tying a year of arduous work into an extremely blissful culmination." Of...studying abroad?  :)
  • "If you maintain your frugal manner, you will find that you have accumulated enough by the end of the year to make a large purchase that you have been planning for a long time." Frugal manner...meaning, purchasing less?  I was thinking of not buying a calendar this year...since I don't really use them as they are not very useful...as least the NEWS one this year.  And...LARGE PURCHASE.  HECK YES.  Studying abroad is VERY EXPENSIVE.  That's why I need to work so much to be able to make the difference between UCLA and Japan!
Okay, maybe I'm reading too far into this.  Haha.  In any case, look your guy's up too for fun!!  Go here

And remember, you don't have to take these readings too seriously.  :)  Happy New Year!!!
7th-Jan-2009 12:45 pm - iroiro na koto 2
Jin 3
Hrm, where to start.

1) Huang Jinglun!! (the guy from one million star I wrote about in August) came out with his new album about...a 2 months ago.  There was an encore edition of the cd which came with a dvd.  With this encore edition, there were 200 randomly placed golden tickets.  Those with golden tickets were invited to have a lunch with Jinglun on Christmas Day (or Eve, I don't remember which).  ANYWAY, I made my friend buy it for me in Taiwan when she was there and surprisingly, she got one with the golden ticket.  I wished she had actually opened it so she could have gone to the lunch for me, but she didn't.  Oh well.  I only found out on Monday, so I will just hang onto the ticket for fun.  :)  Still bummed that I was neither in Taiwan nor did I get it in time to give to somebody to go.  :(  

2) Identity Theft?!  Yeah, so I got an email from my bank saying that they would like feedback on the call that I made to customer service on the Dec 31.  Thing is,  I didn't make a call....So I just ignored it, thinking maybe it was a scam and somebody was trying to trick me into giving them my bank account information, etc.  And then on Monday, I got another email saying they would still like a follow up.  Deciding that it was time to ask my bank if I actually did indeed call or not, I called the bank.  I asked the lady to see if anybody had called on the 31st for me.  But then...nobody did.  So I felt better knowing that it was maybe spam.  Then, the lady decided to look a bit further into my information and it turned out that somebody had put in a lost debit card.  Yet....that card was clearly in my hand as I was holding it.  So basically at this point, I was freaking out because the card in my hand no longer works, and there is a new card going to my home address of which somebody requested and not me.  They had enough information to get through all the questions that the bank can ask, so essentially, they had all my information.  I went ahead and canceled that new card.  So now, I'm just hanging around to see if that card actually comes or not, and it not, I can conclude that somebody is intercepting my mail.  *scary*  But, there is also a pretty good chance that it was my brother and the bank's fault.  My brother *thinks* (he forgot) that he may have called the bank on the 31st.  He put in a request for new cards.  Additionally, he was using the home phone and the bank may just have given any cards connected to the number a new card.  I'm hoping that this is the situation, as I really don't want to deal with identity theft.

3) All You Can Eat Sushi Bar!! SO GOOD.  Yesterday, my friends and I went to an all you can eat sushi bar in studio city.  For around $26 + tax, I can order whatever I want to eat (exclude 6 types of sushi).  Yummy for my tummy.  We surprisingly eat very little considering my friends were two guys.  But it was still really good.  I'll post pictures in a future post.  :)

4) School Update  Uh, nothing too surprising.  We had a fire drill yesterday morning at 7:15am.  I suppose it's not too early, but it was still annoying.  We had to stand in the cold around 25 minutes.  And then get lectured about how we have to react faster than our performance yesterday to a fire alarm regardless of what time of day it is.  -_-''  At the lab I work at, the most experienced girl quit the job this past winter break.  So, since I am the one who has been there the longest, they are training me to do more stuff.  I suppose that it is a good thing and I'm gaining more experience, but it means more pressure for me.  Plus, it wasn't very exciting to begin with.  =\  Classes are okay for now, but I must be wary of not falling too far behind (I'm already behind. LOL)  I'm not sure if I'm going to minor in Japanese anymore.  i bumped into 5 of my Japanese 5 classmates the past two days and 4/5 already gave up.  They said it takes too much time and the classes getting harder since the teachers are being more strict.  :(  So I'm rethinking my plan for college these days.

That's it for now!  :)

2nd-Jan-2009 01:05 pm - New Years Greetings!
Jin 2
It seems that I never blog anymore, I know.  Why?  Cuz I'm so lazy.  But nonetheless, please still excuse my long breaks between blogging.


I hope everybody around the world had awesome an awesome Christmas and a safe New Years!  I was watching Kouhaku at home on New Years Eve and there was a sudden BANG in my area and at the moment, I swear I feared for my life and my mother's.  Haha.  It was most probably a firework, but you guys know, people like to shoot into the air to celebrate the new years.  So yeah.  Hope everyone had the best and safe holidays!~

In other news, I managed to get a virus on almost every computer in my house.  Back in October, I got a free USB drive from NewEgg.com who came to visit UCLA during the tech fair.  I plugged it into my windows on my laptop and magically, it infected it without me even noticing.  My laptop did start to act all weird, but I just disregarded it, thinking that it was nothing big.  It was weird too cuz I couldn't get online and when I did, UCLA would block me off because I didn't have antivirus installed.   Yet, when I tried to install it, the computer wouldn't let me install it.  Little did I know, it was a virus.  It turned out, that whatever this USB touched, it would infect it with a virus.  It would also infect any USB drive that was connected to it.  For example, my two external harddrives were connected at one point in time to my laptop.  I would connect these externals to my other computers at home and those would get infected also.  This virus slowly completely ate away my main computer.  That computer completely crashed and now does not turn on.  My brother tried reformatting it, but it won't do anything of such sort.  It would just crash in the middle of set up.  Yeah.  Everything that was there (including a small chunk of Johnny's) is now gone.  :(((  Which explains why I've been so lazy.  Haha.

I really need to put up a layout too since it died like a month ago, but since I'm not on my main computer, I don't like messing with it.  I've even managed to hold back on downloading a whole mess of stuff.  For example, I really want to watch Best Artist, but I have yet finished to download it off clubbox (WHICH IS SO SLOW O_O).  I had 3 parts completed that took me about 4 days to download, but that's completely gone since it was on my main computer.  It's gonna take so long to redownload everything I'm so lazy.  I haven't even downloaded Music Station yet nor QoP Con that I REALLY WANT TO WATCH.  T_T

*cries*  I hate newegg!  But I doubt they even knew about it themselves.  My brother explained that it was most likely somebody but the virus on, returned it, and since newegg can't sell it anymore, they gave it to me.  -_-''

In more news, I went to Six Flags on Tuesday and actually went on X2.  I didn't open my eyes of course and since I'm pretty much scared of all extreme roller coasters, I was locking my body in such a position that after I got off the ride, I sprained my back.  >.<  My back hurt so much that I couldn't move very much after.  On Wednesday, my brother had bought tickets for me and him to go watch a Clippers game (basketball), fourth row seats too!!  But ahh, my back wouldn't let me.  My mom would not let me go, so my brother had to sell the tickets.  :(  Aww, what an awesome opportunity, but I guess my health is more important?  :(  I MUST GO TO AT LEAST A LAKER GAME before I die.  Haha.  Preferably when they are good also!

Okay, take care guys!!  :)

(BTW, I watched KT on youtube and man is JIN HOT. ^_^)

OH YEAH.  HELP.  To you guys who are MAC users, I need a good program that I can download torrent files with!  I've only been using windows stuff, but it looks like I'll have to actually use my Mac to download from now on as I no longer has windows on it.  Stupid virus.....
4th-Dec-2008 05:57 pm - MADNESS
So, we all know the PIN issue for popolo (jan) right?

And, we all know that I am a huge PIN fan.

So, I ordered my copy through Asahiya bookstore in Sawtelle....and then.....USPS lost my package!


The lady at Asahiya kept apologizing and said that she would call today to give me an update on it...

and then...

She called and told me that they're sold out in Japan so they can't get it for me anymore.

USPS...*SIGH*.  Honestly, what are these government workers doing all day ANYWAY.


But then I called Kinokuniya and they said that they'll get it in about mid December.  Hopefully..HOPEFULLY.  It'll all work out.

And then madness with pre-ordering of the DVD.  I was putting if off until I get my paycheck, but then....

WA-BAM.  They announced a LE of the DVD today.  WA-BAM.

And of course it sells out really quickly, and everyone who already ordered is upgraded to a LE.  *fails*

Then I hear that there are some at the Japanese website for HMV.    So I go and order it, but then now when I click on the link, it brings me back to the English link which doesn't have any mentioning of the LE.  I emailed them to ask them to clarify.

So...I trek over to YesAsia who also claims to have LE of the DVD.  I place an order over there also.

After work, I come back, check on the DVD, check on cdjapan and see that it has "Limited Pressing available (1)".  And then I place an order there also.

In all. I have 3 copies of the DVD...of which I don't know which ones I will eventually cancel.  I think amazon had it also...but I didn't order from there since I haven't sure if it was LE or not.  In any case, cdjapan is the most expensive followed by HMV and then by YesAsia.  But cdjapan I think is the only one where I'm certain I have LE.


What an eventful day.

Edit: What's wrong with my layout!! It died! -_-''  Changed to a temp one for now until I fix it later.  :(
25th-Nov-2008 11:07 am - >:[
Jin 3

This is my first real quarter without having priority enrollment for classes at UCLA.  I understand why there are budget cuts, and I understand why tuition is rising, but this is where I'm going to be selfish.  I WANT TO GET INTO MY FREAKING CLASSES!!!!!  O_O  OKAY?!?!

Basically, choosing classes for next quarter aren't going well at ALL!  I was supposed to be taking biology, biochemistry and physics.  HOWEVER, because of the budget cuts, the class sizes have shrunk.  For example, there are 600+ people enrolled in life science 2 right now and the next class after is life science 3.  BUT, the school decided to offer only 500 spaces.  The classes filled up even before I could even get to sign up.  They were filled up DAYS before I could sign up. 

Okay, I admit, I am part of the blame.  It's my fault that I didn't apply for honors when I could have.  It's my fault for being too lazy to write an essay and going to a workshop.  With honors, I could have signed up a week earlier.  These honor kids get to sign up earlier than us regular kids by a week.  On top of that, when we get to choose classes, us regular kids, they still get to choose at least 24 hours in advance again.  So they get to choose TWICE before I even get to TOUCH it!  -_-''

And then there's the OTHER group of people who are enrolled in AAP.  This program is for people who didn't perform as well in high school or are economically needy.  As in, the school believed that you'd need extra help in the classes at UCLA.  These people get the priority enrollment like the honors students, AND they get tutoring for nearly every class where us regular kids cannot attend.  To get into this program, the school will automatically place you in if you qualify.  However, if you don't, as in your grades in high school were good and you're not economically challenged, then you won't ever qualify.  As in, you can apply, and they'll reject you.  I asked the supervisor of the program.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  Basically, they're helping the upper and the bottom tier of the students at UCLA.  What about the middle kids huh? THE REGULAR STUDENTS.  

So, there's still time to get into my classes, as in, we have until second week of Jan to move our schedules around.  Now, all I can do it cross my fingers that somebody will drop either of my classes.  If I don't take life science 3, I can't take biochem 153A since it has to be at least concurrent enrollment.  That would greatly set me back on my plann schedule, pushing me back to take my harder courses after I come back from Japan, if I even GO now.  ROARRRRR.

Stupid public school.  I really shouldn't be blabbing since there are people who probably can't even get into a college (Cal-States are decreasing acceptances with X%).  But this is where I'm selfish and I just want to get into my classes!!!!!!  *sigh*
22nd-Nov-2008 01:15 pm - 3rd Anniversary
Man, I'm such a bad fan. I was talking to saturnianlove earlier today about NEWS and KAT-TUN and then I realized that I forgot about my 3 year anniversary.  It's now officially 3 years since I've been in the JE world, 3 years since I fell for Jin's voice/dancing/baka personality, 3 years since I've had a crush on a guy.  Hahaha.  No, no, the last statement is false.  But I haven't had a boyfriend in my entire life yet...and maybe JE's playing a big role in that.  JE boys set the bar too high for normal everyday boys that they can't possibly compete with guys such as the idols Jin, Yamapi, Ryo.  Though, in real life, honestly, I probably wouldn't fall for Jin nor Ryo.  I wonder about Yamapi...Haha.

So in three years, I don't think anything about me has changed that much.  Except maybe I'm more "fob" now.  At lunch today, one of neighbors asked me, "Lillian, why are you so Asian?"  Funny thing because just earlier in the week, I heard a Caucasian person remarking that that person is "So Asian!".  I was offended at that time, but when my neighbor asked me, I didn't feel offended.  Anyway, this has nothing to do with my 3 year anniversary.  Haha.  Except maybe people think I'm so Asian because of the JE guys on my wall, on my AIM icon, etc.  

In any case, 3 years is indeed a very long time in the fandom world.  But one thing is for sure: I've matured from the me three years ago.  Ah~  I remember way back then, I used to have dreams about Jin and fantasize about him being my boyfriend and all that jazz.  Even though I knew he had an unattractive personality in real life, I was willing to overlook that and continue living in my own little world.  LOL.  Yeah.  And believe me, that lasted for more than a year.  Even when Jin announced his hiatus, I was still crying, still thinking that my life was over. 

But now, I feel much more grown-up.  I don't know if that's a good thing or not though.  If anything, I'm sure it is a much healthier relationship that I have between my idols and myself.  I don't have those dreams about them as much anymore, but I still like watching their dramas, even if it's not with me they're falling in love with.  XD  And...I kinda wish that they would be able to carry normal lives one day--as in they can marry when they want, raise their own families and have outings without getting mobbed, even in another country (poor Yamapi in Korea!).  Though I guess it might be too hard because not everyone can be like Takuya who can say he's getting married when he wants and who he's dating.

And for JE, I can only say thank you to Johnny for creating such prince-like idols that we can fantasize over.  Even if more than half of us will not be able to find that one guy who resembles Yamapi, Jin, etc, it was good knowing that such "personalities" do exist in our world.  Personality in quotes because they aren't like that in real life.  At least there're people to fantansize about, to cheer us up when we're down, to provide us with "entertainment" *lol*.

So to Jin:  Thanks for being with me these past three years (though you weren't there for half a year).  It's been a really fun.  Don't worry.  I'm not going anywhere.  And even if I do, I'll still be keeping up to date with you since you are Jin, my first idol and still #1. 

To Yamapi:  Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to Jin.  For putting up with his horrible personality and sticking close to him.  I'm glad that you guys are in different groups because they your friendship isn't a fake one.  It's a tangible one that you guys built together.  Thanks for looking really hot in Kurosagi and in Code Blue.  You will always be up there with Jin.

And to all the other guys: thanks for all the fun times also.  I'm sorry for not liking you guys as much. =X

And to that: keep working hard!  <3

OH yeah.  PIN LOVE.  I'm so buying Popolo Jan.  Already reserved my copy!  ^_^

7th-Nov-2008 07:55 pm - Love <3
Jin 2
Ahhh~~ Many great looking guys at UCLA this year..or particularly this quarter. LOL.

I'm always talking about these really hot guys at school that I see walking around or in my class. And then roommates came to the conclusion that 1) I was really lucky that I always got to see these cute guys or 2) that I have very low standards. LOL.

Anyway, this is not the point of this entry...

The point is to celebrate KAT-TUN's new beautiful single. *Applause* And then *more applause*

Hooray~~~~ This is one of my more favorite singles in a long time. Not to say that I don't like DUES or the other ones, but there are ones that I don't like as much (e.g. LIPS *sorry*). I can't wait, can't wait for the PV to come out!! I can imagine just how pretty everyone is going to look! Yayyyyyy~~~~~ *Applause* (Go vote for them on Best Artist and the new ntv one!!)

I"ll admit though when I first listened to the single, I thought it was horribly boring. But now...but now, it's so PRETTY!!! (Minus the lyrics that are so angsty....)

Okay, moving on to other *loves*. I finally got around to watching Bloody Monday and Miura-kun is such an awesome actor man. The story is very successful in my opinion of creating suspense. It's not one of those lame 'uh-oh bad guy come' plots. I can't wait for the next episode to come out (yes I follow hardsubs), but I'm afraid it'll come out during midterm rounds. Noo~~

Anyway, I promise I'll get around to commenting soon. I'm not dead!! Sorry!! <3
26th-Oct-2008 12:18 pm - Stranded and Alone
Jin 2
Last Tuesday my mom left for Taiwan due to a family emergency. Don't worry though, because my grandmother has undergone emergency surgery and is slowly recovering. My mom's gonna be gone for at least a month, so I'll be going around on my own for a while.

...and I'm stranded. >.< Hahaha.

URHGRUGHRUGH. I'm so frustrated right now because I can't find a ride back to UCLA!! I made me good friend drive from my hometown to pick me up and bring me back, but now that I'm home, I don't have a ride back!! URHGURHGURHGURHGUH. I keep asking other people, and those other people keep asking other people. Some people I ask just ignore me. And then one who due owe me rides cuz I gave them rides before are just searching for other people to leech one. A buncha friends also didn't come back this weekend, so I don't have a ride home. URGHRUGHRUGHRUGH. SO FRUSTRATING. I'm about to go and ask my mom's friend to take me back, even though she has no kids to take back. URGHRUGHRUGH.

But other than that, I've managed myself pretty well. I went to the supermarket the other day and was like man, I don't know how to cook anything. I was looking for sliced lamb that they put in shabu shabu but then I couldn't find it! I was so frustrated so then I ended up buying this $10 Korean BBQ ready to eat stuff that I didn't end up cooking. Hahah. I went home and found the lamb slices in the freezer so I ate off that. And then today I went to the market again cuz I forgot to pick up almond tofu (we're making it in my dorm later) and then I FOUND THE LAMB. -____-'' URHGRUGHURHGURHGURHG. Frustrated.

Anyway, now that hell week is over (I had like 3 midterms last week), all is FREE. ^_^

I'm still annoyed at YesAsia though. They always calculate it just enough such that you're $1 or 50 cents off the free shipping limit. And you have to get free shipping no matter what because they already jack up the prices for the cds themselves to counterbalance any "loss" that they have when they provide free shipping. Gas is going down anyway, why don't they just lower the limit on the free shipping. $39 my butt.

Also, what is going on with the world!!! The stock market is failing like maddddd. When KAT-TUN announced the cd, the conversion rate for dollar to yen was $1:97 yen. I decided to hold off on the cd and wait for it to go up and hope that the cd doesn't sell out at cdjapan. But NOO~ Instead, it's $1:94 yen now! And the cd sold out. But man~ I remember the days when it was $1:130 yen. *sigh* Studying abroad is so expensive~ @_@

Anyway, I'm still stranded so maybe I should go and search for more rides....
27th-Sep-2008 11:14 pm - No More Buying.
Jin 2
Okay. I've decided. This is ridiculous. No more random buying. Okay?!

I was cleaning up my magazines that I purchased since I came back from Japan, and seriously, I bought around 20 fashion magazines in one year. I have one that goes for almost every MONTH of the year! And more than half of those cost me a little more than $10 each!!

Thus, no more random splurging.

No more posters such as the Jin poster I wanted ($35!!! No). No more con goods. No more fan-made goods. No more magazines. No more photobooks.

What I will exclude from this excess spending are CDs (only LE if I can get my hands on them, which I mostly have), con DVDs (movie DVDs are too expensive man! I was gonna get HanaDan, but no. LE rules apply). I will only allow the occasional purchase of magazines when I go to Asakusa to get my cds, where I can get stamps. My visits to Sawtelle where I buy these things will be once a quarter. Once, only.

I'm working around 8 hours a week, getting paid $10.50 = $84 a week. It may sound like spending money, but I really need to start saving (and paying back my mother for all that I used this past year, at least $500). And once I go to Japan to study abroad in Spring 2010, I'd have saved enough to go to cons. Yes. Especially with the economy, this is the time I really need to start saving since my parents aren't making as much anymore.

OKAY! Let's do it!
25th-Sep-2008 10:54 am - I WANT THIS.
Jin 2


Met manonpikamishi  a couple days ago.  I LOVE HER ROOM. OMGOSH.  I need to study very hard from her on how to be a proper fangirl.  And this poster was so prettttty.  I WANT THIS SO BADLY.  But....a little expensive no?  *cries*

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