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Quiet Proud of Myself

 Yeah.  I did a little spending for my favorite Johnny's groups KAT-TUN and NEWS this trip and I'm pretty satisfied with myself.  Haha.

We all know how I went on the spree of concerts.  Make that 6 concerts in 3 cities.  Include transportation, hotels and ticket expenses plus buying all the con goods (except photos and coffee mug), yeah, pretty much $1000+.  I don't really want to calculate...
Buying Going! and N.M.P Limited Editions + Regular Editions of BOTH!  Bought regular editions to enter myself in a drawing to shake hands with one member (turned out the one I petitioned for was KAMEEEEE), but I didn't get selected for it.  But Johnny-san was nice enough to send us all eco-bags as a thank you gift.  ^^
Bought this $30 wristband that Kame wears to help keep your body in balance.  Haha.  Since I saw him wear it in person, why not, right?  haha  (KimuTaku wears it too!)
Searched high and low, in 5 different Bookoffs in Kyoto and Osaka for the Break the Records DVD.  Finally found it and was ecstatic to bring it back home to realize it was the LIMITED EDITION!

Bought Sakura girl LE.  BUT..didn't open it until too late...the cellphone website had shut down already... By a mere 2 days!!!!
Bought Yamapi's Russ X necklaces and t-shirt (thank you hatsumi_chan for getting those for me!!!)
Bought Yamapi's single One in a Million <3
Just purchased tickets to see Ryo's new movie on opening day!  ^_^  Really looking forward to this one!
Too bad I am not here when they have their concerts.  T_T  I bet they will release a single/album for it too of which I will have to pay shipping for again...

For Johnny's in general:
Have gone to 3/4 of the Johnny's store thus far.  Will probably hit up my last one (Nagoya) when I go visit my uncle. Upwards of $150 I've spent on shop photos of KAT-TUN and NEWS.
Pay a minimal fee of $3.50 a month on my cell phone to visit the Johnny's web to read their journals.  Might I add, I spend $42 a month in order to have this internet access.  ^_^
Karaoked my heart out too many times (might I add, not as cheap as you expect either!)

Sadly, I think the only member I haven't done anything for is Jin, in terms of spending at least...  I still have bought those two CDs he released, nor the Bandage DVD that just came out..
Met some great friends on this trip too!  The power of Johnny's is just too immense.  Haha.
I'm sure there's more that I am forgetting to include right now...

Well, only 2 more weeks left.  Let's make the best of it!!!! *looks at empty wallet*  gotta go exchange more money!
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Tokyo Dome 7/24 con report

 Back by demand!  After writing about my Osaka cons, a couple fans asked me to write more fan repo.  Thanks for your comments guys!

Same thing as last time:
WARNING: These comments are just things I happen to remember. I didn't take any notes, so i don't remember everything. And I tried to type as fast as I could on a friend's chinese comp so there are a lot of typos. SORRY!

WARNING 2: Also, a lot of what I wrote is based on my thoughts. Meaning, what I write could hurt people's feelings. If you are worried that may happen, please do not proceed.

WARNING 3: Contained within this report is a lot of fangirling. It may or may not make sense.

So I took the night bus from Kyoto to Tokyo in which I didn't sleep very well.  And then so I was really out of it.  After the con, I had to hurry to catch the bus, and on the bus, too exhausted to write down my thoughts on paper.  So this report is written 12 hours after the con when I got back to Kyoto and typed it out.  Went to sleep and then woke up again to write down all that I could remember.


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Okay thanks for reading.  I'm going to go study for my finals now.  T_T  Still thinking about the Tokyo Dome con tonight.  Could still make it....  >.<
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In other News...


This time, I'm going to only one concert though so I can get back in time to take study for my finals.  KAT-TUN, I'll be there to support you, 6 or 5 people.  Always.  Zutto!

Will write full report when I get back to Kyoto!
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fan report 6/25, 26, 27 Osaka

Okay.  Just got back from 4 cons in a row.  I coudn't go to the last one because I didn't have tickets (they were too expensive!!!)

WARNING: These comments are just things I happen to remember.  I didn't take any notes, so i don't remember everything.  And I tried to type as fast as I could on a friend's chinese comp so there are a lot of typos.  SORRY!

WARNING 2: Also, a lot of what I wrote is based on my thoughts.  Meaning, what I write could hurt people's feelings.  If you are worried that may happen, please do not proceed.

WARNING 3:  Contained within this report is a lot of fangirling.  It may or may not make sense.  

Next thing, a bit intro so people understand where I am coming from.  I have been at KAT-TUN fan for 5 years.  In particular a Jin fan.  My first con was Mie earlier this year.  During Mie, I had eye to eye contact with Maru and have since fallen in love with Maru (and everyone else again)  Hoshi is my Japanese friend who got me tickets to all these cons!!

A few pictures:
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Now without further ado: 

6/25  stood in C3

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6/26 14:00 con and 18:00 con mixed together.  stood in A2 and B4.

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6/27  stood in A4

Note, my birthday is on Thursday, so I figured since it's only a few days away, and since this was my own present to myself, I had a uchiwa that said "today is my birthday".  This is important for what happens!!!!!!

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Okay, thanks for reading!!!  To have a 5 year dream come true to me, is just the greatest thing in the world.  I really can't put into words how I feel about this.  This revived my love for KAT-TUN.  And one thing I did learn from Hoshi was to appreciate Kame.  Now that Jin has "left" the group, a lot of weight is on Kame to keep KAT-TUN alive.  Keeping something there at least until Jin comes back, if he doesn't.  And even though Jin is my favorite, I will still continue to support KAT-TUN because they are everything to me.  The reason why I came to Japan was so that I could see KAT-TUN (including Jin).  I studied Japanese in order for this weekend to happen.  They were all I knew for 5 years, and I'd have to say, I don't regret it any bit (except for letting go of that darn towel!!!!)

Until Tokyo?  Maybe?  I really want to go, but honestly, with the money it will take to get myself to Tokyo, find housing, and then have crappy seats.  On top of that, starting 7/19 I will be having finals and more finals.  URGH.  But I really want to see them sing songs from the new album!  AUGH.  What to do?!?!?!

But first, gotta study for my test on Tuesday.  


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Biking in Kyoto + HEALTH EXAM

 So after about a week and a half of walking around Kyoto, I decided that it was time to get a bike!    Thing is, I haven't been biking is over more then 10 years or so, so having to bike all of a sudden was definitely a hard thing for me at first.  I decided that finally it was time to get a bike because taking the subway, I didn't even know what was up there, on the street!   For example, I would NEVER want to miss some place that was selling yummy sushi!  Haha.

In any case, we finally got bikes today and seriously, with all the people, the cars, other bikes and uneven pavement, biking is a serious business.  A few tips.  1) Don't bike on a road.  I was biking on the road without a bike lane and a bus drove by me.  I felt like I was about to be crushed!  Cars are okay, but buses are scary.  2) Use the bell often.  When I first arrived in Japan, I never heard the bike bell, thus when bikes were behind me, I would just ignore them.  However, once I got a bike and started using the bell, Japanese people do yield to the bell!  Thus, to tell somebody to get out of the way, just ring the bell!  3) Don't bike in shopping areas.  We tried to bike through Shijo on our way home.  Shijo Karasuma is like Shibuya in Tokyo.  Everyone goes there to go shopping, even on a Tuesday afternoon.  Wayyyy too crowded and you can't possibly get anywhere with a bike.  4) Don't crash into people!  I know, it's hard, but don't do it.  

I'm looking forward to actually doing more discovering now since we have bikes!  We as in 5/6 of us at the apartment.  My bike looks kinda dingy, but I got it cheaper than everyone else, so hooray!  ^_^


I don't know about other countries, but in America, we've never had a health exam.  Apparently, the Japanese do it every school year.  What consists of the health exam you ask?  
1) MMR.  Did you get the shots or not.  
2) Height and weight.  Somehow they put me at 170.6 cm but at UCLA, they measured me to be 174.  Hrm....
3) Eye sight with little Cs.  I didn't understand the directions of it, but it was okay.  
4) X ray!!!!  This was by FAR the most culture shock I've had since coming to Japan.  I'm not quite sure what the X ray was for but our theory is that it was if for TB.  My guy friend who went on a different day for guys had told us to wear something black so that we wouldn't have to strip.  However, I didn't own anything black, so wore something gray.  Unfortunately, it was "dame" (no).  So, I had to go into the changing room, and change into a kimono like shirt.  Then, on top of that, everybody had to take off their bras.  Thus, in the changing room, we could see boobs flying out everywhere because the kimono like shirt opened in the front.  >.<  Great invention huh.  Haha.  Then we went to into lines and waited to have our X rays taken.  It was so weird to see everyone without their bras.  >.<  I'm not sure if it is entirely necessary to do this X-ray thing at all, since America doesn't do it.  I felt so violated!  T_T  On top of that, the people taking the X rays were two guys, so.....  -_-

Tomorrow is the first day of school for us!  Because I didn't sign up for all the Japanese classes that were possible, I don't have class until 10:30.  Hooray~  I am taking 27 UC units, so gotta look into the unit reduction stuff!  :D

Until next time~
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Laundry + daily life

So last weekend I went to Nagoya to visit my uncle and his family.  Even though their family is completely Chinese, it's funny to see how based on where you live, you look like the locals.  For example, my cousins who live in Taiwan look like their Taiwanese; my brother looks like an ABC (American Born Chinese) and my cousins in Japan look soooo Japanese.  Nagoya was an adventure.  Ate lots and lots of good food such as unagi don (eel rice) and pasta.  I've also learned that in order for me the survive, I need pictures on my menus.  Not being able to see pictures is horrible because it would be almost like drawing a lottery.  Haha.

Orientation for the school was horrible.  The placement test was really something.  It was split into 3 parts: easy, a little hard and hard.  The easy section was easy, but the little hard section completely killed me.  I always thought that since I'm already in third year level Japanese, the highest one at my school, I would know a good amount of Japanese.  However, this is completely not sure.  The "a little hard" level was bringing up phrases that I had never heard before!!  Yappari, my friend who had come to Japan before was right.  You think you know a lot before you come, and then once you do, you realize there's oh SO MUCH more that you could never imagine.

Yesterday walking back, I decided to pick up my copy of Sakura Girl!!!!  I haven't opened it yet, though I remember they announced something special for those with a cell phone.  I guess we'll find out soon!!! :)

Anyway, so to the main topic of this post.  Laundry.  

Japanese laundry doesn't make sense to me.  For some odd reason, the norm in Japan is to not use driers.  Instead of using driers, they hang it up on string to air dry.  My friends did laundry last week and spent 100 yen x 4 to try to get their laundry to dry.  This equates to 2 hours of drying, but it still did not end up drying everything.  Learning from their mistakes, I decided to try and figure out a better way to do things.  After washing the clothes, I popped it in the drier for 30 mins and then took it out to hang dry.  By the way, Japanese washing machines are so tiny that I had to use 2 machines!  Haha.  Anyway, so after that, I took it out to hang dry and then 24 hours later, I put it back in the drier.  Most of the clothes were already dried by then, just a little damp in some areas.  After another 30 mins of drying, the clothes came out, a little drier and smelled a little nicer.  I guess it worked out okay, but basically, $4/load.  Use laundry machine sparingly.  Haha.

So this is what doesn't make sense to me.  If you hang dry your clothes all the time, don't your clothes get hard?  As in, doesn't it feel like cardboard rubbing against your skin?  Also, since Japanese people like to wear nice clothes, I'm pretty sure drying the clothes somehow will not make the clothes feel as good to touch.  Or am I just missing something here that I need to get for my laundry.  Haha.  You guys must understand, in the States, I just put everything in the drier and everything came out smelling nice and feeling good against the skin.  So what should I do now?

Also, in the summer when it gets all muggy and moist, and especially during rainy season, why would they still decide to hang dry their clothes???  Wouldn't it take longer to dry because of all the moisture in the air?  And since it's wet, would mould start growing on it??  (Speaking of which, I think there's already mould starting to grow on my tatami!!!)

Anyway, the score for my Japanese level comes out I think today or tomorrow.  Looking at my schedule of very limited classes I can take, looks like Tuesday will be the worst.  Class from 9-6:15pm with a 1 hour lunch break and 15 mins between classes.  We have to take a total of 6 classes here in order to fulfill the minimum requirements of units for the semester.  

I also met more Japanese students who volunteered to help us today with alien registration.  That of course was epic fail because the offices were too crowded and they couldn't handle that amount of students (~75).  So then we were told to come back tomorrow or asap and then register.   It was stressful enough trying to fill out all the forms, but to see that we'd have to wait until another time is very annoying.  We have a busy schedule everyday, but hopefully we get it done soon.

Tomorrow is nomihoudai (all you can drink) with the volunteers and other friends!  :DDDD  Can't wait!
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jet lagged + no sleep = sick

No sleep.  I've never pulled an all-nighter before until now.  It was ridiculously cold last night.  When I climbed into bed at 12 am, I was already exhausted, but the fact that there was no heater didn't help.  Shivering in the cold and just getting colder and colder, I decided to get up at 2am to see if there was a heater.  Had to look up a few kanji and then figured out there was a heater.  Set it at 24C and then let it blow on high.  Ate a sleeping aid pill.  Even though it got warmer, still couldn't sleep.  Futon is very uncomfortable, and the pillow is horrible.  Then it got too hot.  Shut off heater to a light breeze.  Then got too cold again too quickly.  Still couldn't sleep.  Turned it back on, and then the sun started to rise around 5 am.  Then decided to just screw it and get up.

Two nights in a row without getting much sleep nor warmth, I sit here now sick.  :(

Anyway, yesterday we had a party with other UC students and Doshisha students who are going to UCs.  It was very fun!  I met a guy called Yuki and he then took us to another party (both non-alcoholic) and met more Japanese students.  We have plans to maybe to karaoke next weekend!  I've also come to the decision that my Japanese is too broken.  Campus is beautiful!  It does cost WAYYY too much money to get to school.  250yen + 120 yen for one way.  And that is going to add up!  :(

I just washed my face.  Both knobs are cold water.  WTF? 

Okay, enough of this awkward post.  I need to get ready for school.  Haha.
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 WHILE I AM IN JAPAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Johnny-san reallllllly does hate me doesn't he!

I guess the only good things are that KAT-TUN is having CONS!  :D  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Part 1: w/o Jin in Japan, Part 2: w/ Jin in Asia!  So,..  CONGRATS TO KAT-TUN in MAKING IT WORLDWIDE!

Anyway, so brief recap on arrival and day 1.  (bullet points to make things faster)
  • say goodbyes to my family and my boyfriend at LAX.   It was rather abrupt because time was passing by slowly, and all of a sudden I realized I better get into the gate.  Haha.  I miss them a lot, but thankfully due to the internet, I still get to keep in contact!  
  • sat next to a very interesting Korean man.  At first, he spoke Korean to me, but then once he found out I was Taiwanese, he wouldn't stop talking to me about his first girlfriend who was also Taiwanese.  He is still very deeply in love with his girlfriend, but because of miscommunication in English, after 7 years, they broke up.  Then they met up again 2 years later, and the girl had already married a man 18 years older than her.  He asked her, do you love her husband?  She replied no, and asked the man to wait 3 years so they can get a divorce.  3 years later, she had 2 children and fell in love with her husband.  :(
  • very impressed with Asiana airlines food, not so much with entertainment system.  For dinner, they had bibimbap with those tiny fish and pumpkin.  Breakfast was good, but spicy.  Haha.  
  • Korean airport was....rather boring. I met up with 2 other kids on the program randomly.  Ate a bowl of udon was place in a deceivingly shallow bowl.  What a ripoff.  Haha.
  • Arrived in Osaka met up with another girl.  Then boarded the bus to go to Kyoto.  RAIN is NONSTOP here.  It's still going right now, and I had left my umbrella in my small luggage so didn't have one for a while.  And might I add, I was SHIVERING due to the cold when I got here!  
  • Went to see my dingy apartment.  Not the best, but it will suffice.  I feel like I might hit the top of the door when I walk in.  Haha.  We also got REALLLLLLY lost in the train stations, but luckily we rain into this couple from Australia and asked for some help.  XD
  • FOR MY FIRST MEAL IN JAPAN:  of COURSE I did not eat Japanese food.  Haha.  I was too exhausted from the 22 hours trip to arrive in my hotel that Tiffany and I just found a place in the station and ate some good pasta.  Spent 690 on it.  It was funny though cuz when we walked in, the lady asked how many people, and I said 2.  Then she walked to the back and talked to 4-5 other waitresses and all of them looked at us and another girl pointed.  Then after some conversing, we were allowed in.  It was funny when we were looking to pay for the meal.  Well, first, I wasn't sure of how to ask for the check in japan.  As in, if I say check onegaishimasu, will they understand?  So then Tiffany and I just sat there, looking around and sure enough we saw two different tables get up and pay at the register.  They already had their check in hand.  Then Tiffany noticed there was something in the draw of our table, and sure enough we found our check!  ^_^v  
  • Came back to hotel, went to sleep.  Too exhausted to do anything else.
 I think for breakfast today, I will eat my leftovers from my meal on the plane.  :)  SAVE MONEY FOR KT CONS!  XDDD  I really DO hope I can go.  :(
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Departure for Japan!!!!!!

 So, after a nice 2 year or so hiatus, I'm back now.  Hello new friends and old!  How are you!?!?!

BIG NEWS:  I'm studying abroad starting March 23 until August this year!!!  

Studying abroad in Japan has always been a dream of mine since I started my Johnny's fandom on November 11, 2005.  Well, actually I can't really say that considering I just wanted to be in Japan to watch a KAT-TUN con.  In the end though, everything worked out, minus the minor detail that KAT-TUN DOESN"T HAVE A CON ANNOUNCED THIS SPRING!  (Neither does NEWS  T_T)

But that's besides the point.  I think this journal from now will be a documentation of my random doings in Japan.  Whether it be getting lost in the airport, having to use a Japanese squatting toilet, or simply just hating the humid weather, I'd like to share my experiences with everyone.  Some entries will be more real life, and other *I hope* will be much more exciting dealing with fangirling or what not.  Pick and choose what you want to read :)

Right now, I'm 24 hours away from departure on my flight to Japan.  On the way, I will be stopping at Seoul, Korea for 4 hours, making the entire entire duration of the flight coming to 19+ hours.  I don't even know how I will last that long.  Then, I must travel from Kansai International Airport in Osaka into Kyoto for another 1.5 hours.

Okay, as for packing, I've just got a HUGE pile of clothes sitting in my luggage right now.  I think I will definitely be going over the weight restriction for the flight.  I'm also wary of the fact that I'm going on Asiana Airlines, and since I have a "Korean" last time, they'll assume I'll be Korean and speak to me.  I just don't want to be embarrassed or for the flight attendants to be either.  Haha.

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Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to this trip, yet very hesitant on being away from my family and friends for so long.  Love you guys!!! See you guys on the other side of the ocean!
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