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best friends forever ♥
24th-Mar-2010 04:00 pm
Jin 2
 WHILE I AM IN JAPAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Johnny-san reallllllly does hate me doesn't he!

I guess the only good things are that KAT-TUN is having CONS!  :D  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Part 1: w/o Jin in Japan, Part 2: w/ Jin in Asia!  So,..  CONGRATS TO KAT-TUN in MAKING IT WORLDWIDE!

Anyway, so brief recap on arrival and day 1.  (bullet points to make things faster)
  • say goodbyes to my family and my boyfriend at LAX.   It was rather abrupt because time was passing by slowly, and all of a sudden I realized I better get into the gate.  Haha.  I miss them a lot, but thankfully due to the internet, I still get to keep in contact!  
  • sat next to a very interesting Korean man.  At first, he spoke Korean to me, but then once he found out I was Taiwanese, he wouldn't stop talking to me about his first girlfriend who was also Taiwanese.  He is still very deeply in love with his girlfriend, but because of miscommunication in English, after 7 years, they broke up.  Then they met up again 2 years later, and the girl had already married a man 18 years older than her.  He asked her, do you love her husband?  She replied no, and asked the man to wait 3 years so they can get a divorce.  3 years later, she had 2 children and fell in love with her husband.  :(
  • very impressed with Asiana airlines food, not so much with entertainment system.  For dinner, they had bibimbap with those tiny fish and pumpkin.  Breakfast was good, but spicy.  Haha.  
  • Korean airport was....rather boring. I met up with 2 other kids on the program randomly.  Ate a bowl of udon was place in a deceivingly shallow bowl.  What a ripoff.  Haha.
  • Arrived in Osaka met up with another girl.  Then boarded the bus to go to Kyoto.  RAIN is NONSTOP here.  It's still going right now, and I had left my umbrella in my small luggage so didn't have one for a while.  And might I add, I was SHIVERING due to the cold when I got here!  
  • Went to see my dingy apartment.  Not the best, but it will suffice.  I feel like I might hit the top of the door when I walk in.  Haha.  We also got REALLLLLLY lost in the train stations, but luckily we rain into this couple from Australia and asked for some help.  XD
  • FOR MY FIRST MEAL IN JAPAN:  of COURSE I did not eat Japanese food.  Haha.  I was too exhausted from the 22 hours trip to arrive in my hotel that Tiffany and I just found a place in the station and ate some good pasta.  Spent 690 on it.  It was funny though cuz when we walked in, the lady asked how many people, and I said 2.  Then she walked to the back and talked to 4-5 other waitresses and all of them looked at us and another girl pointed.  Then after some conversing, we were allowed in.  It was funny when we were looking to pay for the meal.  Well, first, I wasn't sure of how to ask for the check in japan.  As in, if I say check onegaishimasu, will they understand?  So then Tiffany and I just sat there, looking around and sure enough we saw two different tables get up and pay at the register.  They already had their check in hand.  Then Tiffany noticed there was something in the draw of our table, and sure enough we found our check!  ^_^v  
  • Came back to hotel, went to sleep.  Too exhausted to do anything else.
 I think for breakfast today, I will eat my leftovers from my meal on the plane.  :)  SAVE MONEY FOR KT CONS!  XDDD  I really DO hope I can go.  :(

Shot from outside my hotel room looking at Kyoto Station.

Udon bowl in Korean airport.

Now all that's left is hoping my luggage gets there on time!
25th-Mar-2010 12:56 am (UTC)
I flew Asiana before and ate the bibimbap. haha, it was pretty good, wasn't it!
25th-Mar-2010 05:31 am (UTC)
I want an udon bowl.
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