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best friends forever ♥
fan report 6/25, 26, 27 Osaka 
27th-Jun-2010 08:14 pm
Jin 2
Okay.  Just got back from 4 cons in a row.  I coudn't go to the last one because I didn't have tickets (they were too expensive!!!)

WARNING: These comments are just things I happen to remember.  I didn't take any notes, so i don't remember everything.  And I tried to type as fast as I could on a friend's chinese comp so there are a lot of typos.  SORRY!

WARNING 2: Also, a lot of what I wrote is based on my thoughts.  Meaning, what I write could hurt people's feelings.  If you are worried that may happen, please do not proceed.

WARNING 3:  Contained within this report is a lot of fangirling.  It may or may not make sense.  

Next thing, a bit intro so people understand where I am coming from.  I have been at KAT-TUN fan for 5 years.  In particular a Jin fan.  My first con was Mie earlier this year.  During Mie, I had eye to eye contact with Maru and have since fallen in love with Maru (and everyone else again)  Hoshi is my Japanese friend who got me tickets to all these cons!!

A few pictures:

picture from C3

Made a Maru fan since Jin's not there.  There were a few Jin fans though!

America REPRESENT!!!

uchiwas are hand made.  i made 2 uchiwas x2.  Total 13 hours.

Now without further ado: 

6/25  stood in C3

to say that i actually cried today was one thing that i wasn't expecting at all. let's see where to start

the day started with running into hoshi and not expecting to leave right away but to invite her into the house and chill for a bit. after that then we arrived at the hotel in one piece and started getting ready. after we ready, then we left for the concert.

got therer around 5:15 and were actually kind hesistant because weren't sure if we should have went t buy goods for to jus wait in line. we were numbers 91 92 in line. kinda worried at first because there were people in there that werent supposed to be up there that front. called in numbers from 1-5 and so on.

stood about 3rd line in the C3 section. the BEST SECTION. at first, kinda worried because we were all standing the whole time and didnt know if KAT-TUN would be able to see us. no center stage, which was surprising. not what we were expecting

started off with them coming in on the tall platform. then that tall platform started to move across towards us in the back. when it reached us, it started to lower and we were soon the SAME EXACT level as KAT-TUn. they started making their way towards the little pushing carts were they would eventually use maybe 4-5 times through the con. with mbeing in the third row, i wasnt expecting to touch them for seriously they were SO CLOSE. wayyy to close than i was expecting them to be. many times i reached for them, but failed horribly. the first in front were TOOOOOO lucky!!!! i wanted to be there instead.

one girl actually hooked onto kame and wouldnt let go. once kame actually got his hand free, he stopped turning towards us in the carts. :(

during rescue, the fire was messing with the sound system, so it was actually quite weird. wasnt the best sound quality

so tiring to have to stand for the entire time!!!!

maru doesnt sing his entire solo. kinda disappointed.

ueda...i remember in mie he had a dance section, but this time he didnt have a dance section. they actually cut off things from other cons, kinda disappointing.  (hoshi said later that what I was thinking of was the rescue dance solo)

saw kame's back in very good view. there are actually little specs on the back. could be freckles.
ueda's skin is AMAZING

kame usually had a drum solo, but this time he had a guitar solo. but i wouldnt really calll that a solo. it was actually pretty badly played. just kinda improved what he wanted to do. then all of a sudden it cut into koki's solo. and during the whole time, kame would play guitar during the back of koki's solo. koki played the guitar too. i dont think he did that last time......

junno's solo was just regular.

still bitter that i didnt get to touch any of them. hoshi touched 3/5 of them! seriosuly were expecting the seats to be that gooooddddd!!!!!

during mc they introduced the kansai jrs. didnt really care. also discussed about soccer, how the name of question? became the name of the group. johnny couldnt think of what to name them. story courtesy of kame. t or f don't know lol

didnt really understand the MC but during that time, i just thought to myself how it was so tiring having to stand for the entire time and my knees and heels were really hurting.

maru saw my fan, but he didnt do anything about it. but i think we eyed to eyed again. HAHAHA.

UEDAA and his HAIR. OMG. THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRRR. ueda is really cute. i really think the style he is sporting now is a lot better than his black hair years ago.

during maru's medical service, kame said that kame should actually fix the sensei this time instead of getting kame treatment. maru didnt really know how to respond but kame kept pressing for it. haha he started to giggle in the end/

kame solo was just mama. not really a fan of him, and i never really liked the song, so whatever

when they were saying goodbye for the first time, it was mecha depressing!!! a mixture of omg, my dream of seeing them for 5 years finally came true. yeah, i saw them at mie, but it doesnt really count since they were so far. SO SEE KAT-TUN IN FRONT OF ME SOOOOO CLOSE!!! CENTIMETERS AWAY. and think that was really got ME!! and on top of that i was just thinking how far i have really come. really, ive come so far. 5 years. and then even though i will be seeing them again tomorrow, i dont know after this series of concerts, when will i see them again. it really is quite amazing what idols can do to people. and then i just thought to myself i have to get C3 seats again for the sunday con. this is what happens. when people get spoiled they just want more and more. satisfaction can never really happen. and that is what sucks about life. and then KAT-TUN is really my life.

tomorrow i will be seeing them again. it really is hard to imagine that they have been such a big part of my life for so long. i really want to go to tokyo!!! i am at the point where i feel like im willing to just screw everything/

there wasnt anybody behind me, so then i was able to dump my stuff on the ground and then move on from there and go around. there are nice and mean jaapnese fangirls. nices ones we took pictures with. they were really happy because i spoke english and they asked us who we were fans of. they were fans of kame

they actually spent a lot of their time going around the side of the stadium and less time in the center. dont kow if buying that many tickets in the center were that good or not.

then they came out and sang the encore. and sang smil.e that is such a good song, but such a sad one. and then we were screaming encore again and again louder and louder and they sang going again for us!!! then we ended up screaming mou ikai. but then they started announcing the order of everyone going out of the stadium. haha. but bfore they sang going again, koki came out and kept asking if we reallly reallly realllly want to do it. and that was dirty according to hoshi. hahahaha. XDD sa.

yeah it was really hard cuz they did all of their solos in the main stage.

no lips. whys that.....

real face one drop tocchu no voice.

6/26 14:00 con and 18:00 con mixed together.  stood in A2 and B4.

maru saw my fan again

had eye to eye contact with koki when i was holding my america fan

ueda flew by at the end

kame lipsynches his solo which is a bit of a disappointment

girl in front of me is actually a lot older than i was expecting her to be. basically if i called her an obasan, it would actually be okay.

made a mistake today and left too late for the place. so then ended up only standing in the second row.

maru was too far away from me most of the time to see my fan.

being right next to the platform isnt exactly the best thing cuz they are just too high up there for me to enjoy anything.

koki stripped his coat right after the first song, and threw it to the crowd.

to stand from the A2 section was really something. i got to see them really close for the entire concert. and on top of that they were actually there.

koki had the balloon pop on him for the first time this con series.

kame hinted that they would be having stuff going on really fast starting from now on, so then that he'll take everyone with him

maru actually doesnt lipsynche that many songs. sing a lot of them live actually.  i wonder which ones he actually sings live

junno lipsynches. its just too obvious.

it was WAYYYYY too obvious that they were looking at the screen while singing the special melody.  during this section they sing one song that is their old songs, and then another song of their senpais.  but to have them look at a screen with the lyrics is just too much!  its their own song too. senpai songs came with dances, so that's why they ended up remember the lyrics to that.

junno actually came to our section quite a lot.

maru saw me and my fan again!!

eye to eye contact with kame

ueda never looked our way.  i noticed he doesn't really know how to have eye to eye contact with people.  in these 5 cons, i've never had eye to eye contact with him yet.

koki is still very hot

kame was on marus neck for maybe three seconds or so during maru's clinic.  of course everyone went crazy!!!  :)  (this goes along with kame's vampire theme)

ueda needs to stop touching himself during his solo.  it is wayyyy tooooo hoT!!

there was a tall fat chinese kame fan blocking my view the entire time

they didnt reach out and touch us at all while we were in B4 section.  but to have them in their carts passing us so many times it def wonderful.

uedas legs are so fine and skinny

when the were singing rodhesia they kept forgetting the lyrics so they had to look down
probably only junno and koki knew the lyrics

maru is still just as cute

came out for another encore but tricked us.  told us to go home and get massages. had to make them come out again. sang going again

during the second con, kame tripped on his solo.  it was after he threw his cape on the ground and then he might have tripped on that.  it was quite a fall too.  he took him a while to recover..maybe 2-3 seconds.  a girl next to be screamed daijoubu to encourage him on.  i thought that was very nice of them.  ^_^

ended at 4:45 and 8:30.

6/27  stood in A4

Note, my birthday is on Thursday, so I figured since it's only a few days away, and since this was my own present to myself, I had a uchiwa that said "today is my birthday".  This is important for what happens!!!!!!

KAT-TUN came out again and i felt like crying yet again. sat in A4, with very center seats in the back of the row. this is where kame would stand at the end of the concert.

when KAT-TUN came out, I made sure to but my kyou tanjoubi fan out and i'm pretty sure kame saw it at that time.

kame and maru did bonnie butterfly. so happy that maru is such a good replacement for jin in that song. sooooo natsukashiiiii!!!

maru's answer is still just a beautiful. am sad i won't see him perform that again. most likely won't come out in dvd either... darn tokyo dome.

koki is stilllllll SOOOO HOTTTTT with pierrot!! :) i can't believe that guy

junno for sure lipsynches his solo.

ueda is still just cute as ever.

MC went on for a LOTTTT longer than expected.

towards the end kame was standing right in front of me. i kept screaming his name, thinking he didnt hear me. we didn't even have special eye contact today. i even screamed kame daisuki, and i didn't expect that he heard that. but i know that for sure he saw my uchiwa. at the end of the con, he threw the towels towards my direction. i of course got a bit of it, and so did like 10 other people. got trampled on, my legs have scratches, my hair was stepped on and everything. at that moment in time i thought many things. 1) hoshi is a much bigger fan of kame's than i am. what am i doing. if i let go, hoshi will be able to have it. 2) HOLY FUCK IT HURTS 3) I CAN'T SEE THE END OF THE CONCERT everyone is on top of me!! MARUU!! KAMEEE!!! NOOOOO!!! 4) my nails are going to get chipped!!! so then i let go, the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!! i swear that is the biggest mistake i've ever made. i look around and try to find hoshi, but cannot. then i still see her in the crowd and she's holding on with all her might. and i say ganbare hoshi!!! and she got HALF the towel to herself. of course at this time, i start crying my eyes out because i let go and didn't get any chunk of it!!! T_T and then also because i won't be able to see KAT-TUN again if we continue like this. actually very very worried i won't be able to. and that it was KAME'S gift to me and that I DIDN"T GET IT! cry cry cried for so long. hoshi said that she'll give me a piece and i asked for the N and she said that is too big of a piece. :(

didn't make eye contact with anybody else, but that's okay. it was just such a great concert! i really want to go to tokyo dome!!!!!!!! T_T

kame did well on his solo. and he kept saying sensei sensei to nakamaru!!! SO CUTE.

nakamaru doesn't like his white tennis shoes very much. he always changes it to come out for the encore. i wonder why that this. w/e his brown boots look very stylish.

nakamaru also wore these very nice jeans with glittery stuff on the side during his solo. i especially liked those pair of jeans. don't like this red smile pants though that he wears during MC.

kame's smiling face is really cute. teeth are very white. and no cavities on his top teeth! except for maybe a small one on the left hand side. he is just so gorgeous up close. i really should have just held on with all my might!!!

junno announced that he is going to be in a movie. also something about giving one of the juniors a watch but according to hoshi, he can't give it. it was also pictured in a picture on his girlfriend's blog. didn't even know he had a girlfriend until yesterday. -_-||

kept crying and crying until the end. I WANT TO GO TO TOKYO DOME!!!!!!!!!

ueda didn't tie up his hair i think. i can't remember.

no special encore. apparently we also suck at yelling encores. HAHAAH.

nakamaru tries really hard to dance and i really appreciate that. kame still does his flowery flowy movements. ueda compared to nakamaru doesn't really dance as full out. koki has his break dance style. didn't watch out for junno, but sure he is a good dancer.

OMG. i actually heard kame's voice LIVE. standing next to him, i could hear him singing and then he would then come out in the mic, just as i would expect it. and the timing in which he sang in, isn't according to what we were listening to. so he's actually singing to the music that's in his ear. that's why there is that ear piece! so he actually ever so slightly ahead of the music so then it comes out all okay due to lag in transmission. that must be so hard to do. two conflicting things going on in his head. >.<

During the MC, the staff had prepared takoyaki for the members.  They weren't expecting anything bad to happen, but then when they all ate it together, Taguchi's takoyaki had wasabi in it!!!  It was apparently very very spicy and then Kame took the water basket away from him go Taguchi coudn't have his water!!!  Too cute, Taguchi AND Kame!

kame's smile is so very very cute! he never once really made eye contact today. T_T

Okay, thanks for reading!!!  To have a 5 year dream come true to me, is just the greatest thing in the world.  I really can't put into words how I feel about this.  This revived my love for KAT-TUN.  And one thing I did learn from Hoshi was to appreciate Kame.  Now that Jin has "left" the group, a lot of weight is on Kame to keep KAT-TUN alive.  Keeping something there at least until Jin comes back, if he doesn't.  And even though Jin is my favorite, I will still continue to support KAT-TUN because they are everything to me.  The reason why I came to Japan was so that I could see KAT-TUN (including Jin).  I studied Japanese in order for this weekend to happen.  They were all I knew for 5 years, and I'd have to say, I don't regret it any bit (except for letting go of that darn towel!!!!)

Until Tokyo?  Maybe?  I really want to go, but honestly, with the money it will take to get myself to Tokyo, find housing, and then have crappy seats.  On top of that, starting 7/19 I will be having finals and more finals.  URGH.  But I really want to see them sing songs from the new album!  AUGH.  What to do?!?!?!

But first, gotta study for my test on Tuesday.  


kame up close ey?! well hoshi touched kame's hand and she couldn't stop going on about how tough his skin is. it's not what you expected it to be, all soft. but of course he's a guy who loves his baseball so he would naturally have tougher skin. his skin on his face is flawless!! but that could be because i wasn't up in his face looking for holes. wasn't THATTT close. his teeth are white!!! when i was standing under him today, i actually looked up his teeth for any cavities and only saw one that was on his left side. haha.

hoshi said that his arms are getting fatter right now and she doesn't like the fat him. but to me, he's still just as skinny. haha. and he really is quite stunning. i think looking at him that close, i was quite a bit surprised how breathtaking he is in person also. haha. and when he smiles, he is soooo adorable!!!!! ^_^

hoshi also said according to some reports, kame smells nice. though apparently the towel didn't have any scent. smelled just like a hotel towel. haha. but supposedly if you go to other things such as recordings, he smells nice.
27th-Jun-2010 11:38 am (UTC)
Sounds amazing. I want to attend the Tokyo concert but I have no clue how to get the tickets. I hope it's ok to ask but how much did you pay for the tickets?
27th-Jun-2010 11:48 am (UTC)
Yeah it was the best!!!

My friend Hoshi is a fan club member x2. But she only got tickets for the 6/26 con. So those were regular price 6,500 yen. For the 6/25 con, we bought them at Japanese yahoo auction for 10500. They were C3 seats, so they were cheaper. As for the 6/27 con, we bought the ticket at the same place, but it was before the seats were announced. We knew we just wanted to go to that one. Since the seats were still up on the air, buyers are willing to pay more in this idea that it is a gamble. So we paid 16,500 for those tickets a pop. But we we really lucked out. We were number 14, 15 to choose our seats out of 500. Though for Tokyo Dome you won't need to worry about this. There are set seats! :) Osaka was the first time KAT-TUN had all standing where to line up and based on your number, you run for where you want to stand. :)

Hope you get to go to Tokyo Dome!!!
27th-Jun-2010 11:48 am (UTC)
after the con on Saturday I'm feeling the same!

I'm getting confused why my entry isn't yet posted at kattunlove, but anyway...

The whole standing thing had its advantage. xD
and I wanna have more concerts, too!!! T_T

anyway, I'm located in Osaka and... I need more Kat-tun fans... take pity with me?
27th-Jun-2010 11:51 am (UTC)
haha are you referring to when they came out and ticked us?! hahahahaha.

Sure!! ^_^ How long are in you Japan until?
27th-Jun-2010 11:54 am (UTC)
OMG I love your fan repôrt!! There is so much life in it that I absolutely want to go to a live of KAT TUN now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Thank you so much and .. lucky of you for the eyes contact! *o*
27th-Jun-2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
Ahaha. Thanks!! :) Although it may be just random stuff, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
27th-Jun-2010 11:58 am (UTC)
too bad you didnt have the towel but i hope youre ok now despite of what had happened..kinda scary to go for it where you'll be smacked down by others.

it's rare to read fanreports who focuses more on yuchi so im glad i read this..thanks

and btw, advance happy birthday ^__^
27th-Jun-2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
Aw thanks!! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
27th-Jun-2010 12:03 pm (UTC)
One thing that caught my attention here was "JUNNO WILL BE IN A MOVIE?" OMG!!!

Thank you so much for this report and I hope you will be able to watch them in Tokyo Dome someday :D:D:D:D

27th-Jun-2010 12:08 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for this.
happy to read that junno will do a movie.
and glad that you enjoyed yourself so much there.
and make sure you go for foot massage after this :-))

reading your report make me luv them more, if it's even possible..
27th-Jun-2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
Oh dear, you're so lucky and glad you enjoyed yourself much there!
Thanks for this report babe!
27th-Jun-2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
what a lovely fanreport!i really enjoyed reading it!
i'm glad u enjoyed yourself there,i wish i can go too~~
and i love how u put ur thoughts in the last paragraph,we need to appreciate our boys even there are only 5 of them because they're still Kat-tun ^^

a bit sad abt the towel incident,but still you might get hurt so cheer up!
anyway,thank you for the fanreport!

p/s:does ueda skin really AMAZING?many ppl said he's more beautiful in real rather than TV/mags.oww~ this make me really wanna see him *_*
27th-Jun-2010 12:58 pm (UTC)
YUP. Ueda is GORGEOUS. He is SUCH A BEAUTY. I am most shocked by him to be quite honest. In Mie is when I first noticed how beautiful the man is. LOVE THE MAN!!!

Haha. I actually did get hurt. i have a scar from on my knee. My friend who did end up getting a part of the towel, her nail chipped! It just broke off! And she got bruises also. I think at the time I was just worried about my health too. It's pretty scary being at the bottom of the pile of crazy fangirls!!!

hope you get to see ueda one day in person too!! he has a solo con announced! maybe you could attend that too!
27th-Jun-2010 12:59 pm (UTC)
oh dear! you are so lucky. I noticed that even if you said that you are not a major fan of kame, you actually mentioned him many times! XXDD

I want to go to tokyo dome too!!!! and watch/see KATTUN! the 6 of them!
27th-Jun-2010 01:02 pm (UTC)
YEAH!!! I want to see the six of them! But since Jin is having his con tour in America, and since I'm from LA, I think I'll be able to see all six of them...just not together. haha.

And I'm not in particular a Kame fan, but it just so happened that my friend who I watched the con with is a HUGEEEEE kame fan, so I ended up screaming with her for most of the time. Haha.

Hope you get to go to tokyo dome!!!
27th-Jun-2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
sankyu for report ^^
27th-Jun-2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for the amazing fan report. I appreciate it greatly =)
27th-Jun-2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
this is going to be a long comment, so i apologize ^^;

well, you shouldn't be disappointed by kame lipsynching his solo. he's been doing that for years. apparently "putting a show" is more important *rolls eyes*

ueda needs to stop touching himself during his solo. it is wayyyy tooooo hoT!!
oh my. i'm curious. i didn't expect that o.O

when the were singing rodhesia they kept forgetting the lyrics so they had to look down
they sang Rhodesia? .... really? that's like one of my most ardent wishes, to hear a live version of this song. really? and i'm curious, do you remember who sang Jin's lyrics? i hope it turned out well >.>

it was after he threw his cape on the ground and then he might have tripped on that.
maybe that'll teach him to stay put next time? >.>

kame and maru did bonnie butterfly. so happy that maru is such a good replacement for jin in that song.
as expected from maru. :)
but damn, i would've loved to hear that duet :)
and koki sang Pierrot...what a weird set list this time. there are many songs i'd never have expected to hear about o.o

and Junno is going to be in a movie? really? i was actually living with the hope that he might do smth big and surprising, and that's why there were no news about any work for him yet, while the other members seemed to already have dramas and concerts planned XD good to know my wish came true. XD
and he has a gf, lol. for some time, actually. an actress, slightly older than him, and very pretty :)

aww, they're bullying Junno again XDDD how precious ♥

the ending of the report was really touching :)
it was a really nice read, especially since you pointed out the bad parts of the show as well. their good points, and their bad ones too :)
thank you very much for sharing your experiences :)
and an early Happy Birthday! :)
27th-Jun-2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
thanks for the comment! :)

As for Rhoedesia let me listen to the original version and maybe i'll realize it. But for the most part it's Maru and Koki who sings Jin's parts...for the first jin's part, maru continued singing it. ...chorus is playing right now...maru and kame again for yume wo tsuduku.. i can't remember if they sang part B... GAH. i know they didn't sing the whole song though because it was just a snippet. bridge was not sung. so yeah, i think that was it. I will ask my friend who went with me. Though is that okay for you for now?

i didn't expect kame to lipsynche though. cuz i heard kame does all of it live. ionno.

And yes, Junno will be in a movie. It was announced today. I think anytime now the official report will be set. They said something about August. I can't remember what it was about though right now. Maybe when they start filming. Junno also mentioned what type of movie it is and all the members went EHHHHH isn't that too hard?! or something like that. I didn't understand what type it was though. GOMEN.

bonnie butterfly was because they had a section that was special each con where the first song is their old song and the next song is a sempai song. so that was the sempai song. :)
(Deleted comment)
27th-Jun-2010 03:18 pm (UTC)
I love your fanreport.. thanks for sharing..♥♥♥
your so close~!! so lucky~!! wish I could go to their con someday..
it was a great birthday present for yourself~!!! so memorable.. ^_^
aw.. the towel, it was regrettable, really...T^T
but most importantly, you enjoyed the con~!!:D
27th-Jun-2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
this is a really good fanreport!! the fangirling is awesome.. so lucky you got in to several shows.. i was hopping to go to the tokyo dome nx month.. my brother is in japan and he actually got ticket just now via auction.. hopefully everything turns out ok.. ahhh i really wanna touch all of them too especially kame!! the nice things u wrote about kame at the end of ur report was really nice.. i appreciate that ^_^ and i'm really glad he had a rough hand though LOL
27th-Jun-2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Thannks for the report :))

Hope Junno is going really to be in a Movie. ^^
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